Webinar ECIIA – Cybersecurity and data security: Auditing at the speed of crime

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Cybersecurity and data risk is set to remain the number one risk to organisations in 2023, according to the last Risk in Focus report. To address such a pervasive risk, the report lists a number of areas where internal audit can efficiently help organisations.

This webinar will provide further details on these recommendations and help participants implement them. The discussion will focus on these three areas and more:
💡 How to provide effective communication on cyber-risks across businesses?
💡 How to ensure the board has a firm grasp on cyber risks and data security risks?
💡 How to accurately evaluate potential losses from cyber risks?

These topics will be discussed with Bernd Banker, BMW, Sabine Scholz, Fresenius and Jérôme Ferry, Firmenich. The discussion will be facilitated by Guy-Philippe Goldstein, expert in Cybersecurity.

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