The practice of Agile internal auditing in your mission

This highly interactive practical training uses a workshop format, sharing ideas and practical examples to understand why and how Agile Auditing can be applied in audit missions.

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Date: 18/10/2024

Durée: 1 jour*

Adhérents: 700 €
Non adhérents : 900 €

Lieu: Classe-virtuelle-anglais

Horaires 09:00 – 17:00


Crédits CPE: 7


Internal Auditors


Fluency in English – English language training in a virtual classroom
This advanced training requires a basic knowledge of the audit process (audit methodology training)



Folders containing Powerpoint slides, technical documents, exercises, documentation, bibliography
Presentation methods : Paperboard – Light-projector

Objectifs pédagogiques

– To master tools and key concepts of Agile Auditing
– Discover how and what Agile applies to internal audit engagement process steps making it different (préparation, execution and reporting) and the main deliverables
– Learn how to perform Agile Auditing with exercises and examples


– The parallel between the traditional audit engagement process and the agile engagement process (both according to the IPPF)
– The process and deliverables of the Agile audit engagement :
— The agile engagement outline and scoping
— The risk assessment – defining the sprints
— The working program
— The Kanban
— The sprint documentation and results (point of view)
— The report
— The audit team’s role and responsibilities in the Agile environment
— How to implement changes progressively
— Pilot phase
— Agile champions
— Feedback
– Practical examples and ideas
– Pros and Cons, Do’s and Don’ts