Risk in Focus 2024: Supply Chain Resilience

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Supply chain, outsourcing and “nth” party risk is an area of critical risk for many organisations across Europe, with 30% of respondents to the Risk in Focus survey saying it was one of their top 5 risks. Today as globalisation continues to loosen, supplier relations have become mired in the headwinds of last year’s perfect storm of interconnected risks. If organisations are to bounce back stronger, achieving supply chain resilience is crucial. This webinar will explore the interlocking risks in relation to supply chain resilience, the impact of legislation on internal audit functions and best practices in tackling these risks.


– Peter Elam, Group Head of Risk Management and Business Assurance

– Preetha Kumar, Associate Director Technology Risk and Assurance

– Gavin Hayes, Head of Policy and Public Affairs

– Mamun Madaser, Senior Policy and External Affairs Executive

– Fraser Paget

A CPE form request will be available at the end of the webinar. Please note that the certificate will be issued by your own local institute.