Auditing a digital Insurance world

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The market context in which insurance companies operate is fundamentally changing. The use of data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms is significantly growing and is considered to be a key currency of future success.

The European Commission is finalising the AI Act, and the ECIIA Insurance Committee is finalising a position paper on this important topic.

In this webinar we will present the main findings of the survey and the key recommendations.
We will exchange on:
-the definition of AI
-the main aspects of the new upcoming AI act
-the various impacts of AI: social, technology, processes, risk management, governance…
-the role of IA
-the audit of IA


– Astrid Langeveld, Chief Audit Executive at Achmea, ECIIA Insurance Committee member

– Robert Zergenyi, Audit Head Group Technology and Operations/ Group Audit at Zurich Insurance

– Frank Heldens, Senior IT Auditor at Achmea

– Chiara Ziliani, Head of Group Audit Analytics at Generali

– Pascale Vandenbussche, Secretary-General at ECIIA

The webinar is free and a CPE form will be available at the end of the event.