Réussir les écrits de la mission en anglais

This course is designed for auditors working occasionally or predominantly in an Englidh speaking environnent. An ideal opportunity to improve both your English and your audit writing skills


Internal Auditors, Seniors and Manager


Basic level of competence in the English language
Have attended the course "Conduire une mission d'audit interne : la méthodologie" or have knowledge of Internal Audit methodology.

Objectifs pédagogiques

Write reports and other audit documentation using the appropriate English vocabulary, grammar and expressions.
Bridge communication difficulties and provide value-added audit deliverables to contribute to the success of the audit and the acceptance of the audit results.


-The standards pertinent to written audit communications
-Developing an appropriate writing style
-The key differences between French and English writing styles and vocabulary
-The role of the various written deliverables produced from the Internal Audit process
-Engagement letter / Audit Planning Memorandum
-Meeting minutes
-Observations and recommendations
-The Audit Report
-Executive summary
-Drafting findings and recommendations that gain the commitment of the auditees
-Using different reporting mechanisms to engage different stakeholders (powerpoint, dashboard reporting…)


Folders containing Powerpoint slides, technical documents, exercises, documentation, bibliography and USB stick Presentation methods : Paperboard – Light-projector


A bi-lingual internal audit practitioner experienced in audit communication situations and in the writing of audit documentation, reports and deliverables, in the English speaking environme
Dates de la formation
Infos pratiques

DURÉE : 2 jour(s) *

HORAIRES : 8h45 - 17h30

LIEU : Paris intra muros



Adhérents IFACI : 1215 € HT

Non adhérents IFACI : 1350 € HT

* Pour les CIA : obtention de 14 crédits CPE

de la formation
  • Relevant to the participants’ experience of working with English speaking stakeholders A bilingual facilitator able to facilitate discussions and understanding in French.