Oral Skills in Internal Audits

Both internal controllers and internal auditors need to be polished in oral communication to obtain information and to promote understanding of risk and control within their organisation. This course covers techniques which hone skills in making presentations and conducting interviews. It is conducted in English but the techniques apply in any language.


Internal Controllers and Internal Auditors



Objectifs pédagogiques

Practise public speaking
Improve interviewing skills
Acquire methods and strategies for dealing with difficult situations


Appreciate the challenges and limits of oral communication
Characteristics of oral communication
Acquire a methodology of communication - preparation, opening, content, conclusion
Techniques of questioning, listening and note-taking
Strategies for dealing with difficult situations


Folders containing Powerpoint slides, technical documents, exercises, documentation, bibliography
Presentation methods : Paperboard – Light-projector


Bilingual native English speaking internal auditor
Les + de la formation
  • Practical exercises in role play situations Bilingual native English speaker trainer Clear methodology for avoiding pitfalls